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1.unless引导条件状语从句unless = if … not ―除非,若不They will go tomorrow unless it rains = They will go tomorrow if it doesn’t rains.as soon as引导时间状语从句。一……就2. He will come and see you as soon as he can.3. so.......that引导效果状语从句句型1:―主语+谓语+so+形容词/副词+that从句The wind was so strong that we could hardly move forward.句型2:so +形容词+ a/an + 单数名词+ that从句It was so hot a day that they all went swimming.句型3. so + many/ few + 复数名词+ that从句He has so few friends that he often feels lonely.句型4:so +much/ little + 不行数名词+ that 从句I had so little money that I couldn’t buy a pen.三、重点句型:1.What do you think about/of.. . ?So ______________________t the story of Yu Gong? 你以为愚公的故事怎么样?2. It doesn’t seem to do sth .._______________________ to move -a mountain. 把一座山给移掉似乎不太可能。

3. This is because...________________ he can make 72 changes to his shapeand size,_______ himself ________________ different animals and objects.[泉源:学§科§网Z§X§X§K]这是因为他会凭据他的形状和巨细,做出72种变化,可以将自己酿成差别的动物或工具。4. … so… that+从句Sometimes he can make the stick ____ small ______ he can keep it in his ear.有时候,他能够让他的金箍棒变得很小,以至于可以放在耳朵里。5.It take sb. some time to do sth .Because they were so big that _______________________________the other side.这些(山)太高了,他们要花好长时间才气翻越已往。

[泉源:学#科#网Z#X#X#K]6 . … not.. .. until十从句______________________you get to the forest. 你们到达森林之后才气吃。四、【精讲点拨】1. A man told yu Gong that he could never do it.一小我私家告诉愚公他绝不行能把山移走。【辨析】speak/talk/say/tell(1) 说某种语言用speakspeak English 说英语(2) 与某人攀谈用talktalk with sb.= talk to sb. 与某人攀谈(3) 强调说话内容用saysay it in English 用英语说(4) 告诉某人用telltell sb. to do sth 告诉某人做某事2.A man saw Yu Gong and his (children/family) when they were working on moving the mountains.一小我私家看到愚公和他的(孩子们/ 家人)的时候,他们正在努力地移山。

(1) work on(2) work 相关的短语(work for 为……做事,work as 作为……事情,work out 解决;算出)3. This story Reminds us that you can never (know / see) what’s possible Unless you try to make it happen.这个故事提醒我们如果你不努力去做就不会(知道/ 瞥见)什么是可能的。(1) remind 想起,使想起= make sb remember(2)Remind句型remind of 提醒,使记起remind sb. of sth 使某人记起某事remind sb. to do sth提醒某人去做某事remind sb. + that从句4.Yu Gong found a good way to solve his problem.愚公找到了一个解决他的问题的好措施。【剖析】a good way to do sth5.Well, I still don’t agree with you. 嗯,我依然差别意你的看法。

【剖析】(1) agree v→ (反)disagree → agreement n同意(2) agree with sb. 同意某人(表现同意某人或某人的意见、想法)agree on 主要指双方通过协商而取得一致意见或告竣协议agree to do sth 同意做某事6.It doesn’t seem very possible to move a mountain. 移走一座山看起来似乎是不行能的。【剖析】(1)seem 似乎,似乎(2) seem to be + adj. (说明主语的特征或状态)Eg:Mr. Green seemed to be quite happy.(3)It seems + that 从句7. But what could Yu Gong do instead of moving the mountains?可是如果愚公不移山,他能做些什么呢?【剖析】instead of 取代;反而(1) instead 副词,取代,放在句末(2) instead of +n/doing取代,而不是,放在句中8. You have different opinions about the story, and neither of you are wrong.对于这个故事,你们有差别的看法,你们都没有错。【剖析】(1) neither 两者都不(反)------both两者都(2) ―neither of +名词复数作主语时,谓语动词常用单数形式(3)neither… nor … ―既不… 也不…… ,毗连两个词做主语,谓语动词遵循就近原则。

(4)若要表达―…也不……‖ 则用―Neither /Nor + be / V助/ V情+ 主9.Once upon a time, a magic rock opened (open) up and a monkey was born.从前,一个邪术石裂开了,然后一只猴子出生了。【剖析】be born 出生通常用于一般已往时⑴ be born in +月份/年份/ 所在 在……月/年/ 地方出生⑵be born on + 详细的某天 在……出生10. Butunless he can hide his tail, he cannot turn himself into a person.可是,除非他把自己的尾巴藏起来,否则他不能把自己酿成人。【剖析1】hide 隐藏;潜藏【剖析2】turn … into … 把……酿成……;把……译成……※ turn to 轮到It’s one’s turn to do sth 轮到某人做某事11.The new couple were so happy that they couldn’t stop smiling when they got married.这对新婚匹俦很兴奋,以至于当他们完婚的时候,他们止不住地笑。【剖析1】couple(1) the couple 伉俪二人(谓语动词通常用复数)(2) a couple of 两三个【剖析2】couldn’t stop doing sth= couldn’t help doing sth忍不住做某事【剖析3】get married 完婚(marry v嫁娶)(1)A marry B. :A 与B完婚(2) A and B get married = A and B are married A和B完婚(3) marry A to B ― 把A 嫁给B(4) be married to sb 与……完婚12.Did you hear our stepmother planning to kill us?你听见我们的继母计划杀了我们吗?【剖析】hear sb. doing sth 听到某人做某事hear sb. do sth 听见某人做某事,表现听到的全历程be heard to do sth 被听到做某事13.Unless I do , we’ll be lost我要是不这么做,我们将会迷路。

【解1】unlessunless = if … not 除非…… ,如果不(引导条件状语从句)【剖析2】be lost 迷路14.What a long time you lost in the forest! 你们在森林里睡了这么久!【叹息句】What (a / an) + adj. + n. + 主+ 谓!How + adj. / adv. +主+ 谓!15.The wife told her husband that unless he left the children to die in the forest,the whole Family would die.妻子告诉她的丈夫,除非他把孩子丢在森林里等死,否则全家都得死。【剖析】whole 全部的;整体的【辨析】whole/all(1) whole adj. 整个的,全部的,用于冠词之后the whole country 全国the whole school 全校(2) all adj. 全体的,全部的 用于冠词和所有其他限定词之前常用词组:above all 首先,最重要的是not… at all 一点也不all the time 一直all over the world 广泛全世界first of all 首先五、【课堂检测】单项选择1.( ) ― I’m a singer is _____ interesting TV show ____ many people like watching it.A. so; that B. such; that C. so; as D. such; as2.( ) The film Kung Fu Panda is ____ interesting ____ I would like to see it again.A. such; that B. too; to C. as; as D. so that3.( ) Be sure to let Tom know the notice as soon as he ____.A. will arrive B. was arriving C. arrives D. arrived4.()I won't watch basketball matches________ James is playing. He pays much attention to teamwork.A. unless B. if C. Although D. Since5.()—Your aunt often walks a dog in the morning.—Yeah, ____bad weather stops her.A. When B. Unless C. because D. since6.()The rivers will become dirtier and dirtier ______we take action to protect them.A. since B. If C. Until D. unless7. ( ) — How do you like the film?—______.A.No, I don’t like it B. The people and the musicC. I like it very much D. Yes, I like it8.( ) — ____ do you ___ this book?—It is very interesting.A. How; think about B. How; think of C. What think of D. What; think9.( ) The children seemed _____ eating something in the room.A. Be B. been C. to be D. being10.()Please hold on to your dream _____one day it comes true.A. if B. Until C. Unless D. though11.If you have trouble pronouncing these words, you can repeat them over and over again ______ you are comfortable with them.A. unless B. If C. until D. while12.()_______ you told me,I had heard nothing of what happened.A. Until B. Though C. When D. If13.()—It’s too late. I have to go now.—Oh, it’s raining outside. Don’t leave _____ it stops.A. since B. until C. While14. —What smells terrible?—Sorry, I’ll _______ my shoes and wash them at once.A. put away B. take away C. move away D. get away15. I like these photos and they can ___ me ___ the life living in the countryside.A. think; of B. remind of C. let; down D. wake; up16.She is very clever and she can alwaysthink of good ways ___ the problem.A. to solve B. solve C. solving D. solved17.—I think English is more useful than Chinese.—I don’t ____ you. They are both useful.A.get on with B. catch up with C. talk with D. agree with18.The children seemed _____ eating something in the room.A. Be B. Been C. to be D. Being19.What a nice day! We should go sightseeing ____ watching TV in the hotel.A. because of B. instead of C. together with . D. out of20.Neither of the books ____ interesting . I won’t buy ___ of them.A. is; either B. are neither C. is; any21.He speaks ______English ______French. Instead, he speaks German.A. either; orB not only; but also C both; and D neither; nor22.I have two sisters, but______ of them is a teacher.A. All B. Neither C. Both D. None23.— Did you get the MP4 from a shop or by phone?— ____. I always like shopping online.A. None B. Neither C. Both D. All24.–I don’t like rainy days.— ________. Rainy days always make me sad.A. Neither do I B. So do I C. Neither I do D. So I do25.My friend, Henry was born __ June 10th, 1977.A. in B. On C. AtD. For26.Catherine got married ____ a policeman twenty years ago.A. with B. for C. to D. /27.He _____ for ten years . A. has been married B. marriedC. got married D. has married28.I had to look after my little brother _____.A. the whole morning B. whole the morningC. the all morning D the morning all29.—George was heard ____ just now. What happened?— People was telling a joke.A. to cry B. cry C. to laugh D. Laugh_____ beautiful hat she is wearing! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a用所给词的适当形式填空。1. Yu Gong found a good way ________ (solve) the problem.2. You should kept _______ (try) and never give up.3. Give me the green one ___________ the red one.4. She’d like to stay at home instead of ______ (go) to movies.5. Please remind him _______ (take) medicine on time.6.Ted didn’t answer my question. ________, he asked me another question.7.1.When the teacher came in, the students stopped____________ (talk)[泉源:学.科.网]8.As soon as he saw me, he stopped _____________(talk)to me.9.The clever boy made a plan _______ (save) himself and his sister.10. Although it was very hot, they kept ______ (walk) along the way to school.11The stepmother didn’t let her own daughter ______ (do) anything.12. Western children became interested in ______ (read) this story.13. Unless we do, we ______ (not find) our way out.凭据句意及首字母提示写单词。

1. You are outside and she is i_____. You can’t see her.2. There is an apple on the g______ of the room. Please pick it up.[泉源:学科网]3. There are some s______ in the mountains. Some are big, others are huge.4. Mrs Greem is not only a goodmother but also a good w_______.5. Mr. Lee saved the boy from the fire. How b_____ he is! 116.7.It is said that there is no__________ (live) things on the moon.6.Look!They__________ (play)football on the playground.凭据汉语意思补全下列英语句子,每空一词。1.这个故事让我想起了我的童年。This story ________ _____ ______ my childhood.[泉源:Zxxk.Com]2.今天晚上你能提醒我给汤姆打电话吗?Couldyou please ________ ________ ____ _____ Tom up tonight?3.格雷特听到他们的继母计划杀死她和她的哥哥。Gretel heard that their stepmother _______ ____ ___ her and her brother.4.晚上晚一些的时候,由于明亮的月光,他们能看清那些石子。

Later that night, they could see the stones ______ _____ the ______ moon5.汉塞尔没有石子,因此他扔了一些面包屑。Hansel had no stone _____ he dropped ______ of bread.6.他们一直走,直到瞥见一间由食物造成的屋子。They walked ______they saw a house _____ ____ food.7.从前,有一个天子。

_____ _____ _____ _____, there was an emperor.8.. 有一年,天气太干燥了,寸草不生。One year, the weather was _____ _____ _____ nofood would grow.9.韩塞儿制定了一个计划来拯救自己和他的妹妹。

Hansel ______ ______ ______ _____ save himself and his sister.10.他们一直走着,直到看到了面包做的屋子。11.They kept _____ until they saw a house _____ _____ _____.12.花香引领他们来到一座奇妙的屋子前。13.The smell of flowers _____ them _____ a wonderful house.14我一进门,Katherine 就兴奋地叫起来。

_____ _____ _____ I went in, Katherine cried with pleasure.15.我把雨伞落在火车上了I _____ my umbrella _____ the train.。